2020th of February 3

Local currency operation system that can be realized at low cost

We have developed a local currency operation system that utilizes blockchain technology specialized for local governments.

To date, more than 600 types of local currencies have been issued nationwide, but many of them are said to be difficult to activate and continue due to the operational cost of operation. By introducing this system, we will continue to provide local currencies that are easier to use and contribute to the vitalization of local governments and regions.

The features of this system are as follows.

XNUMX. Introduced at low cost

By using a generic template, you can implement a community currency system at low cost.

XNUMX. Build a more secure environment

Login authentication by our blockchain authentication system BCAuth (Bce Auss/patent pending) and coin generation by blockchain technology. These two wheels create a secure environment.

XNUMX. Achieve low cost cooperation with other services

With the single sign-on function based on blockchain technology, it is possible to inexpensively link with other services such as messaging apps and shopping sites within the coin app.

Local governments and credit unions in the area that have introduced it can issue their own currency. To use, download the dedicated app from the App Store or Google Play to your smartphone. To collect (charge) coins in the dedicated app, you can purchase from a QR code at a credit union or a local government, or purchase a prepaid card at a member store.

Coins can be used at member stores and shopping streets in the same way as regular payment. Also, as an award for participation in events sponsored by local governments and a reward for local volunteers, the organizer sends coins to participants, exchanges between residents, and exchanges with travelers.

Local currency operation system configuration diagram