2021th of February 2

Developed a beta version of a financing system that utilizes blockchain technology Aiming to start operation in 2021

 Number One Solutions Co., Ltd. (Location: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tetsuo Omorai, hereinafter referred to as the Company), which is engaged in the blockchain development business, will launch the STO platform "tokenbase" for raising funds utilizing blockchain technology during FY2021. (Hereinafter, token-based) ”will be put into operation.The target is overseas government-affiliated financial institutions and domestic real estate companies.

■ STO platform attracting attention as a new financing method

 Selling digital securities secured by blockchain to investors is called STO (Security Token Offering). The STO platform is an exchange on the blockchain that specializes in digitized securities (ST) and can raise funds.

 STO is attracting attention from all over the world, including the United States and Japan, as a new financing method. There are four reasons why STO is attracting attention.

・ STO can be handled not only by large companies but also by SMEs and venture companies.
・ In addition to stocks, those that can be securitized have collateral value such as corporate bonds, real estate, business development, and patents.
・ Assets can be subdivided and securitized Example) One building is securitized, etc.
・ Trading is possible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

 Until now, it was difficult to raise funds using STO in Japan, but the revised law * 2020 came into effect in May 5, making it possible to raise funds.Investors can invest or invest in legal tender or virtual currency (cryptographic assets) and receive dividends such as profit sharing from the profits of companies and businesses. Since STO is a method that complies with conventional financial market regulations, safety is guaranteed * 1.

* 1 Amendment to the Fund Settlement Law and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law
* 2 STO is a financial product based on the securities laws of each country.

■ It is possible to turn unsold items into sellable digital securities

 The "Token Base" STO platform we have developed can handle not only stocks, corporate bonds, real estate, and business development, but also assets that were previously difficult to securitize.
 Assets that are difficult to securitize include:An asset that has high real value but is illiquid (unsellable).
・ One building
・ Mineral resources and mines
・ Patented technology
・ Service usage rights, etc.

 "Token-based" allows you to issue corporate bonds, unlisted stocks, real estate, business development, and assets that are difficult to securitize as digital securities.A new value economy can be realized by securitizing illiquidity.
Both companies and investors can use highly liquid financing methods to trade a wide variety of investment products.

■ Three features to safely manage investor assets

 The token base developed by our company has the following three features to safely manage the assets of investors.
・ Equipped with a robust cold wallet * 1
-Adopts a multi-signature method * 2 that requires multiple private keys
・ Equipped with a unique highly secure authentication function

* 1 A wallet that stores virtual currency (cryptographic assets) and has the highest security level that does not connect to the Internet environment except when necessary.
* 2 Use multiple private keys when making a transaction.Reduces the risk of fraudulent remittances due to hacking

■ Aiming to start operation in 2021

 In December 2020, we developed the STO platform "Token Base" that utilizes blockchain technology.In the future, we will provide it to overseas government-affiliated financial institutions and real estate companies in Japan, aiming to start operation by the end of FY12.

[About Number One Solutions Co., Ltd.]

Company Name: Number One Solutions Co., Ltd.
Headquarters Location: 153th floor, Idemitsu Ikejiri Building, 0043-7-XNUMX, Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, XNUMX-XNUMX
Representative Director: Tetsuo Omura
Established: July 2002
Capital: 5,000 million yen
Contact: TEL .03-6412-8470 FAX .03-6412-8471
URL: https://no1s.biz
Business :Blockchain development business

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Number One Solutions Co., Ltd. Public Relations: Kenji Domoto
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Developed a beta version of a financing system that utilizes blockchain technology Aiming to start operation in 2021