2019th of February 7

Developed "Coinity", a community currency construction system

Number One Solutions Co., Ltd. (Location: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tetsuo Mora, hereinafter referred to as our company), which is engaged in the blockchain development business, has developed the community currency construction system "Coinity". After 9 months of test operation, we were able to commercialize it. We will release it as a community currency construction system that can be used by companies, schools, areas, etc.


Effective in improving engagement in the community

The community currency building system "Coinity" is a system that can realize the activation of communities such as companies and regions using the token economy mechanism. Engagement is one of the issues common to each community. Unclear evaluation standards and contribution indices for people who belong to each community have resulted in poor engagement and community growth.
In order to solve these current issues, we have developed a community currency construction system and conducted in-house demonstration experiments. The purpose is to visualize each person's evaluation and to make each person obtain a certain degree of evaluation. As a result of conducting a 9-month test operation, which led to improvement of motivation from employees and easier evaluation, it was possible to see the effect of improving employee engagement. Commercialized as a system.


Three features of coinity

The community currency construction system "Coinity" has three features that can reduce the introduction cost and build a more secure environment.


XNUMX. Can be introduced at low cost

By using a general-purpose template, you can build a community currency system at low cost.


XNUMX. Can build a more secure environment

We use blockchain technology to develop technologies such as BCAuth (BCE AUS/patent pending) and D-CDN (DC CNN/patent pending). By implementing the authentication function and coins used in the coinity wallet with blockchain technology, a more secure environment can be built.


XNUMX. Possible to link with other services

Since it can be linked with a messaging app, user interaction becomes easier.


Promote introduction for schools and local governments

The community currency building system "Coinity" can be used not only by companies but also by schools and local governments. It is also possible to customize and introduce according to the characteristics and scale of the community.


Coinity detail page

Community currency building service "Coinity"


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Developed "Coinity", a community currency building system-Supporting improved engagement-