2020th of February 1

Jointly developed a blockchain system to ensure the reliability of natural diamonds, and started operation in January

Number One Solutions Co., Ltd. (Location: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tetsuo Omura, hereinafter referred to as our company), which is engaged in blockchain development business, is MIARE Co., Ltd. (Location: Arakawa-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Masayo Sekimoto, hereinafter MIARE) , Has jointly developed a production history management system (traceability viewer system) that utilizes blockchain technology, and has been operating it since early January. MIARE provides the system developed to Virgin Diamond Co., Ltd. (Location: Taito Ward, Tokyo, President: Hiroaki Matsumoto, hereinafter referred to as Virgin Diamond), which handles Russian virgin diamond (new diamond), which is an affiliated company. Diamonds using this system will be on sale at the 1st International Jewelery Exhibition (Jewelry Exhibition) to be held from January 2020th at Tokyo Big Sight.

Flow from diamond production history management to sales and customer video upload

■ Decided to introduce a system so that customers can purchase diamonds with peace of mind

 In the precious metal industry, which deals with natural diamonds, diamond information may be disguised and sold, or the seller may sell the diamond without noticing the disguise.In addition to natural diamonds, the following four types are on the market.

① Synthetic diamond *1 ② Dispute diamond *2 ③ Secondary processing diamond *3 ④ Impersonation of appraisal certificate

 The problem is that we sell to our customers without or cannot disclose the information.Quality is not the only value of diamonds.The process up to sale, where it is excavated, polished, and who owns it, is valued.As a result, diamonds that cannot disclose information are detrimental to customers.
The reason is that the process from purchasing diamonds to selling diamonds is handled by different companies, so it is easy to tamper with the recorded production history.
Virgin Diamond centrally manages the production history from diamond purchase to polishing, processing and sales. As a measure to ensure reliability, we import diamonds purchased from rough stones and issue GIA (American Gemological Association) certificate of origin before selling. The certificate issued by GIA is placed in a special sealed container to prevent the certificate from being forged.

Diamond with serial number

Appraisal issued by GIA

As a system for ensuring the reliability of diamond, we have developed a traceability viewer system in collaboration with MIARE.
By using this system, customers can purchase diamonds with peace of mind.

*1 Those that have substantially the same chemical composition, crystal structure, and physical properties as natural diamond. Not fake, but not natural
*2 Among diamonds and other gems produced in civil war areas such as Sierra Leone, those that are sources of funding for the parties to the conflict. Trading is currently prohibited
*3 You can confirm the quality, but the production area is unknown, because there is a certificate that you purchase a precious metal shop or buy a diamond of quality goods and process it again and sell it.

■Production history management system that ensures reliability

 In the traceability viewer system, information on each diamond to be sold is registered one by one. The following 8 items of information are registered.

XNUMX. Serial number XNUMX. Contract XNUMX. Purchase order XNUMX. list
XNUMX. Rough stone before polishing XNUMX. Rough polishing plan XNUMX. Diamond after polishing XNUMX. Certificate

If you register the above information, it will be recorded in the blockchain. Customers who purchase diamonds can check the information on the registered diamonds from the link on the website or the QR code. By disclosing such information, the reliability of diamond can be guaranteed. In addition to disclosing information, this system has a function that allows customers to upload online so that images and videos commemorating the customer can be stored with the diamond.

By introducing the traceability viewer system, you can manage not only diamonds but also products that require production history management (precious metals, paintings, brand products, etc.) on the blockchain. This system is aimed mainly at jewelers, with the aim of introducing 2020 companies by 100.

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To ensure the reliability of natural diamonds
Jointly developed a blockchain system and started operation in January