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What is TokenBase

STO (Security Token Offering) platform / infrastructure service developed by Number One Solutions Co., Ltd.

STO is a blockchain-secured digital security that complies with traditional financial market regulations.

We provide a highly liquid financing method to both issuers (companies) and investors, enabling them to trade a variety of investment products.We optimize the STO platform according to the markets and requests of each country, including the Japanese domestic market, and propose it to our customers.

STO clearly recognizes the investability of securities, and investors invest in legal tender or virtual currency (cryptographic assets) or invest in kind and receive so-called dividends such as profit sharing from the profits of companies and businesses. can do.

Functions and features of our STO platform TokenBase

While it makes it easier to raise funds digitally from more investors, it also keeps trading costs low for investors.

Profitability (reduction of transaction costs)

Profitability (reduction of transaction costs)

We can handle a large number of excellent projects with stock options and high dividends.

By automating transactions with smart contracts without going through an intermediary, management costs associated with sales and purchases are reduced.

Cleaning up

Cleaning up

It is a highly convenient platform for both issuers and investors.

24-hour trading possible

24-hour trading possible

It operates in real time 24 hours a day, XNUMX days a week, enabling highly liquid trading.

Preserving credibility and transparency

Preserving credibility and transparency

It has a KYC / AML management function for investors and a transparent and detailed transaction history disclosure function.

2 Secure and secure asset management

Secure and secure asset management

Securely manage investor assets with multi-faceted security features.

Benefits of our STO platform TokenBase

Block chain
  • Equipped with a robust cold wallet
  • Equipped with a unique highly secure authentication function
  • Reliable domestic vendor.Japanese staff support the operation
  • Equipped with smartphone wallet and add-on wallet for web browser

Provision method

Platform introduction (basic functions + customization) and operation after introduction

Flow of available

Project collection

  • Project infrastructure setup
  • CI and CD process setup
  • Technical documentation

UI / UX design and architecture design

  • Mockup creation
  • Prototyping
  • Blockchain setup and token design


  • Smart contract programming
  • KYC / AML configuration
  • Management dashboard setup and configuration
  • Function customization

Recruitment and token sales for investors

  • Production environment setup
  • Recruitment / campaign page creation
  • KYC / AML authentication
  • Distribution of wallet tokens

Difference from ICO

Unlike ICOs, STOs have the effect of investment contracts.Ownership can be confirmed in writing for traditional financial products, but for STOs it can be verified against data on the blockchain.
It is premised that transactions are conducted in compliance with securities-related laws and regulations such as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and unlike ICOs, investor protection is guaranteed.


Company Name Number One Solutions Co., Ltd.
Location & 153-0043
Idemiri Ikejiri Building 3F, 15-1-7 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Contact TEL: 03-6412-8470
FAX: 03-6412-8471
E-mail: info@no1s.biz
Establishment 2002th of February 7
Capital 5,000 million yen (The capital written in here and History is incorrect. Please divide by one hundred correctly.)
CEO Representative Director Tetsuo Omura
Number of Employees 80 (as of April 2020)
Our Business Blockchain business
System development business
Education business

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