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If you use local currency, everyone in the city

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Foster local love through local currency

Population expansion

Population expansion effect

A chance to enter the local community when making a U-turn or moving to another country. It is also effective in expanding the related population.

Help each other in local currency

Community help

It is a local currency that can express the feeling of thinking about the city, and the structure to help each other is rebuilt.

Regional value

Improvement of local value

Increase local value and circulate money in the area. An ecosystem that everyone is happy with local currencies.

Coinity Coinity
Three features

low cost

Can also be used as a QR code coupon

In conjunction with local policies, you can also use QR code type coupons and points, rewards for events and volunteer participation.

Service cooperation

Build a secure environment at low cost

Our blockchain authentication system Login management and coin management by blockchain technology. These two wheels create a low-cost, secure environment.


Smooth integration with other services

The blockchain technology's single sign-on function enables smooth integration with other services such as messaging apps, regional news apps, and shopping sites.

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Area coins

Create your own local coin

Local municipalities and credit unions will be the issuer,Issue your own local coinnecktie with the outfit.
*The issuer is basically required to register the issuer as a prepaid payment method (third party type).

App download

To use, just install the app

To use regional coins, go to App Store or Google PlayDedicated appDownload to your smartphone.

Area coins

Coin charge with QR code

To collect (charge) coins in a special application, use a credit union or a local government.QR codeYou can purchase from or at member stores.

App download

Shopping and settlement with unique coins

Coins are available at participating stores and mallsSame as regular paymentCan be used for Residents' use of coins includes mutual exchange between residents and exchange with travelers.

Coin gift

Present a coin

You can also send coins from the organizer to participants as a prize for participation in events sponsored by local governments and as a reward for local volunteers.


Can be refunded

Take the coins collected at member stores to the issuer,RefundI can. In that case, a commission of 1 to 3% will be paid and it will be a financial resource for the area.

Functions list

QR code settlement

Coin charge

Exchange coins

External cooperation

Coinity developer

Number One Solutions Co., Ltd.

Company Name Number One Solutions Co., Ltd.
Location & 153-0043
Idemiri Ikejiri Building 3F, 15-1-7 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Contact TEL: 03-6412-8470
FAX: 03-6412-8471
E-mail: info@no1s.biz
Establishment 2002th of February 7
Capital 5,000 million yen (The capital written in here and History is incorrect. Please divide by one hundred correctly.)
CEO Representative Director Tetsuo Omura
Number of Employees 80 (as of April 2020)
Our Business Blockchain business
System development business
Education business


When introducing a system, what is the shortest period from contract to system development, sales promotion product creation, notification period, member store development, etc. until full-scale operation begins?
It is expected that it will take about 3 months for a small-scale demonstration test level, and about 3 months for full-scale operation.
What is the payment method using coins?
The payment method is based on bi-directional reading of the QR code. To pay at a member store, select the product, read the QR code in the store from the payment page, enter the amount, and press the payment button.
Is it possible to automatically give an incentive such as a 1% return on the amount paid when charging?
Since it is not in the cloud version, we can support it as an on-premise version (customized version).
How will the municipality that is the issuer receive the amount of money sold by the member stores?
For refunds, please contact the local government office for refund procedures. If the municipality is affiliated with a bank, it will be the contact point for the affiliated bank.
Is it possible to change the payment fee amount for each member store?
Since it is not in the cloud version, we can support it as an on-premise version (customized version).
What is the operating environment for the application that manages the amount of coins issued and the amount used at member stores?
For the application, use the WEB management system. We will issue a dedicated account for each coin issuer and person in charge. We recommend Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as the browser.
Does the initial installation cost include prepaid card issuance costs at the time of charging?
Prepaid card issuance costs are not included. It will be required separately. Prepaid cards are expensive, as there are outsourcing fees and commissions to businesses. In Japan, we basically charge at stores using QR codes and at bank counters.

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