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In number one solutions, I am furthering development positively in the form of revenue sharing or a joint venture to the enterprise of a mobile x new domain.

Since it will be a risk on a visitor 100% in trust development when beginning a new thing in the new domain of history like a smart phone, the specific gravity to which our company is related is raised, a risk is shared, and how to raise success probability is used.

The people with the trouble of “although there are contents, development costs are too high and have stopped”, “liking to develop an enterprise of Japan in Asia”, etc. need to consult once.

I have confidence, if the optimal proposal is made.
The contents do not leak outside by secret strict observance.
Moreover, except when the existing visitor is requested, I have refused trust development.

Joint development example

  • The security system for companies
  • CMS for smart phone sites
  • The platform for application development
  • Social game
  • Linguistic application
  • University guidance application


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