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President Message

It is called Omorai of number one solutions representation.

Our company was able to celebrate the 10th anniversary luckily in July, 2012.

I am thankful to you who supported until now from the bottom of my heart.

The keyword a “100-year company” was appearing at the time of the 10th anniversary.

We also had various experiences in these ten years, and were made to consider the vision of a company once again.

What was felt in it continues being a company needed for society.

It will continue, if needed from now on, and it will be screened if that is not right.

The trust built for years also disappears in an instant for one scandal.

In order to continue for a long time, it will not become, if it always continues come to polish the service which one can provide.

Since it will change at speed with an uncanny industry peach of IT if the world is seen just then, while it is exciting, it is thought with not being brandished that a common axis is required.

I would like for the form of its missions and value to share the axis, and to tackle an enterprise seriously.

While every employee always holds this vision, missions, and value certainly into the heart, I would like to continue to provide service good for a visitor, although trial and error continue still more.

Please give me number one solutions from now on pleasing.

Representative director Tetsuo Omorai

December 12, 2012

Incorporated company number one solutions

Representative director Tetsuo Omorai

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